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Network Optimization Services (Drive Test)

Eminence Softech Pvt Ltd offers an end-to-end solution for RF, fibre network and network optimization services as well as their efficient execution. We optimize and upgrade existing designs using KPI (Key Performance Indicator) analysis, signal interference prediction tools, and other efficient RF Drive test methods.

We take a customer-centric approach to offering End-to-End solutions, with a focus on greater quality and continual improvement in all active operation and maintenance. All these implementations incorporate new Networks, SWAP, Expansions, and Project Upgrades. We have professionally trained engineers with real-world experience in all existing telecommunications technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Range of Services Include:

  • Drive Test Services for Network Optimization
  • BTS / MW Equipment Acceptance Testing
  • Technical Site Inspection.
  • Site design and pre-installation planning
  • SCFT and EMF
  • EMF (Electromagnetic Field): We measure and repair EMF and RF flux in all areas of buildings and

   property to maintain a healthy indoor and outdoor environment.

  • Surveys of RF and Transmission
  • Optimization of RF Drive Tests
  • KPI Analysis

The wireless telecommunications business has experienced rapid expansion and has expanded to encompass a worldwide scope and objectives. With the introduction of new technologies such as 5G, LTE-A, VoLTE, as well as legacy 3G, 2G, technology complexity is increasing, and the telecommunications industry is looking for simpler, cost-effective, and innovative ways to improve site productivity through effective network planning and to improve the quality of service provided to end mobile users.

Operators are searching for optimization solutions to make their networks more efficient in the face of increased operational expenses, decreased ARPU, and the need to invest in next-generation networks. We offer:

  • Site Audit and Fundamental Testing
  • Indoor and Outdoor Static Testing
  • Single-Site and Cluster Mobility Testing
  • Drive Analysis and Ad-hoc Report Submission
  • Monitoring Network Performance
  • Multi-Technology/Operator Benchmarking Drive Test