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Mystery Audit or Mystery Shopping is the process of reviewing a product or a place, like bank, commercial store, retail mall, hotel, restaurant, etc., by posing as a consumer or a customer. Mystery audit is conducted by companies to measure the quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about their offerings.

Why are Mystery Audits Important?

The Mystery Shopping program ensures that all the benchmark is met, and it also monitors the consistency between locations. For Example: If a customer receives excellent service in one of the stores, he should receive the same level of service in other stores.

Eminence Softech Pvt Ltd compiles and analyzes data gathered from different locations to help their clients measure and improve their customer experience. Our Service benefits are:

  • Our Mystery audit program helps to improve operational issues and service delivery statements plus maintain higher track record

  • Retail Scan help to benchmark internal standards against those of competition

  • Identify non-compliant areas

  • Evaluate efficacy of training programs

  • Monitor service delivery standards

Eminence Softech Pvt Ltd has process-based approach towards conducting mystery audits. We check the scale, on how the organization quality management systems are being adhered to. Steps to conduct Mystery Audits are:

  1. Understanding organization standard procedures for product or service offerings
  2. Preparing documented information for mystery audit
  3. Preparing Audit Checklist
  4. Assigning and educating auditors on audit requirements
  5. Scheduling Audit date
  6. Gathering Required information during audit as per the requirements, like:
    • Measuring Staff on Grooming, Hygiene & Customer Service
    • Checking Staff Knowledge
    • Observing Facility Layout
    • Observing Facility Hygiene
    • Collecting Proofs for Non-Conformities
    • Observing Good Practices being followed
  1. Preparing Audit Report
  2. Distributing Audit Report
  3. Review and Follow-up for opportunities for improvement and non-conformities.

1. Helps you improve customer service

Mystery Shopping program lets you determine which locations have current nonadherence or can have possible problems in future.  We provide feedback on how to improve customer service there. Possible service problems are examined, reported, and corrected before they affect sales.


2. Helps you to excel Sales Representative behavior

Without the opinion of mystery client, you can never have insight whether the store employee is unknowingly encouraging the customers to buy from competitors who may have better quality or lower prices. The authentic interaction between the Mystery Shopper and the staff can be objectively evaluated and compared with other locations with the same criteria. The mystery shopping program eliminates the variable that causes an oblique result.

3. Increase in Consistency

The Mystery Shopping program ensures that all the benchmark is met, and it also monitors the consistency between locations. For Example: If a customer receives excellent service in one of the stores, he should receive the same level of service in other stores. However, this is not the reality of retail trade or any industry of goods and services; the quality varies.
In order to provide excellent consistent service to your customer, you need good mystery shopping plan.

4. Improving Morale of Sales Team

A coherent mystery Shopping program will help you hire, train, and maintain contact with employees. The company can initiate rewards and incentives for the best employees. It increases the team morale and promote the idea of employees as brand ambassadors.

5. Effective Monitoring and Measuring Process to Drive Sales

The measurement and monitoring service is the first step towards improving services, which leads to increased sales. You need an anonymous assessor, not internal representatives who are leaning results and a consistent program, so results can have a multi-layered effect. There will always be ups and downs, new competitors, technological changes, etc., Always focus on customer service, because that's what drives sales.

  • The primary task is to review the product or place under research through the shoes of a customer, rate the object under study against different parameters, and measure the overall experience as a consumer or a customer. Mystery Shopping or Mystery Audit is an important pillar of Market Research & Analytics and must be done periodically. We have well trained and certified people to perform the mystery shopping or mystery audit. It is very important to review the customer experience of end customers.


    Every improvement you make in your business as a result of practical insights gained through the mystery shopping program leads to better customer service, which in turn leads to the fact that customers choose your company above the competition. Mystery shopping is primarily data: solid questions, trained mysterious shoppers and solid answers to generate useful insights. These insights then form the basis for your next step forward.

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