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Our range of products include asset management, field force management and network management.
With our products companies can control their capital and operational expenditure and enhances employee productivity.

Management Asset

Complete Asset life cycle management tool for managing. tracking and mantaining new assets and existing asset. With the tool, you can improve control, have better vigilance and reduce cost for all the assets owned or rented by the company.  Features includes.

  • Adding New Assets and Existing Assets
  • Tracking Asset Locations
  • Inteligently finding Ghost Assets
  • Consolidating Asset Register
  • Scheduling Asset Maintenance
  • Periodic Online Asset Veerification
  • Depreciation Calculations


Field Service Management Solution (FSMS)

FSMS gives a holistic view of the project in a manner which can be easily interpreted through various snapshots and give competitive analysis to the organization and the stake holders to manage the projects in a better way. It gives the view of the project adherence at all stages.

  • Geo Attendance
  • Live Tracker System
  • Data Visualizing
  • Survey & Task Management
  • Alert Management
  • Easy Integration with Google Form
  • Chat System
  • Live Streaming
  • Notice Board